Cam2cam free ipad The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics ProjectBusking this at Embankment Tube tomorrow.PreGig ChatUse this page for getting excited about a gig pleading for spare tickets arranging a pub meet getting a lift and whatever else comes to mind. For any gig. 26 August 2015Kendo nagasakicant wait for the sheffield gig. must be ten years since my first ever HMHB gig at the boardwalk. still wondering if i will ever get to hear them play something from the underrated masterpiece that is some call it godcore. yes that is me that shouts godcore incessantly at all the northern gigs30 August 20151 September 2015TAYLOI met The Fifth Biscuit in The Bankers Draft Sheffield before the 2004 Boardwalk gig. Cillas dead so maybe HMHB can take over matchmaking duties.1 September 2015jitsugLots of good boozers in Sheffield station tap probably best near venue unless anyone knows better and handy for train tram. Alas I am driving so

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