Do women want it shaved over a year ago I use bottles from household items like shampoo lotion etc. Find something smooth with no sharp edges and clean it thoroughly then have fun. Im up to water bottles about as round as my fist now but dont stroke them in and out. I just leave them in after I work them inside and it feels great Reply

Sites for sexchat for teenagers So I am going to be honest with everyone I received this question and I have tried writing about it numerous times and I know that it was asked in no uncertain terms as a serious question it just seems like nothing anyone would try..until I got out into researching it and this is apparently used as a home treatment for diarrhea. I was queried whether you could use a tampon to help stop uncontrollable liquid poop I had no idea that this was something people diddo and it does bring up some interesting thoughts and I get where people are going with it but SHOULD we be doing it is a whole other ball of wax. So lets dig deep as it were and really get to the crux if this issue.What is the anatomy of the Anus The anus is a pretty tricky area of the body no matter how you want to look at it. Basically it is a 2.5 to 4cm long canal that has inner involuntary sphincters and outer voluntary sphincters

Worldfreesex girls malaysia live camQuoraUpdateCancelAnswered 71w ago Author has 285 answers and 420.8k answer viewsYou can put a tampon in your anus but there is really no point and depending on your anatomy the tampon or applicator in question and how relaxed you are it may hurt or tear the lining. I would not recommend it. You could also lose it which would be very bad. The vagina is an enclosed area with only an exit and you cant lose something in it. The anus on the other hand does not and you can lose things up it. You should not put anything in the anus that does not have a flaired base to make sure it does not go up too far.8.3k Views View Upvoters Answer requested by

The trial video chat adult s 7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Use A TamponApr 8 2016At the first sign of our periods starting most of us reach in our bags and pull out a trusty tampon. There are now many other competitive period products from cups to special underwear but tampons still reign supreme in the aisle labeled feminine hygiene. While it seems most women who menstruate have used a tampon at some point in their life the tampons effect on the body is still a bit of a mystery.The word tampon comes from the French tapon meaning plug or stopper. The origin is Germanic stemming from tap like the thing that pours your beer and the products popularity may date even farther back than its derivation. There is evidence to suggest that the Ancient Egyptians Greeks and other early cultures were using natural fibers such as softened papyrus lint wool and even grass to plug up the menstrual flow.The modern tampon is made predominantly of cotton blended with rayon. The Tampax tampon the first to come with an applicator was introduced to America in the late 1930s. By 1979 tampons had become a popular widely used method of period protection overtaking disposable pads. Recently the tampons possible detrimental effect on female health has been hotly debated. Scary stories of Toxic Shock Syndrome and intense FDA guide

Adult freee erotic cam MjkI find the insertion of a tampon in my butt to be very exciting. My wife usually has the playtex tampons with the pink applicators the ultra absorbency or the super plus. She will put lubrication on my anal opening and the she gently slides the tampon in my butt. I love the feeling as it enters she then will slide the applicator in and deploy the tampon. Once she deploys she pulls on the string a little so it sets well in my rectum and the she teases me a little and then makes me put on some pink panties to complete the task. I usually get very excited and hard during this process it is excellent.2017.10.16 0900bagfull41I have experiment with all brands and absorbency of tampons following enemas for years. I have found that Kotex Security Super Plus purple meet my needs best for residual solution. The design of the applicator is the easiest for me to grip and use. I push about a quarter of a inch of tampon out of its tube and lube the exposed area 1st and carefully retracted it about a quarter of a inch back down the tube then slowly push it back in place under the discharge peddles making certain all 4 peddles are settled smoothly on the tampon. That little bit of detail time allows the tampon to travel much smooth

Camsex live baliu faplounge.comAriana Roth Tampon up the anus Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign inShare Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in Transcript 57 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in12 Loading... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on May 26 2011Ariana shoves a tampon up her anus. Tash and Arie show support in this traumatic time. Category