Free sex chat kelowna Timing is everything111604On this night both the one year anniversary of my fathers death and the birth of my grandfather I had an intense UFO experience. While laying on the couch I had a strong suggestion in my mind to get up grab the binoculars and lay under my skylight and look for movement. I remember seeing a couple flashes of light in the star field and being frustrated. I said to myself come on now lets not play hide and seek just then I spotted two saucer shaped craft at about thirty thousand feet they just appeared as if decloaking. They were huge I could make out lights emanating out from the edges while coming to grip with the fact that I am looking at real UFOS suddenly through my field of view at about five hundred feet flew a totally silent black triangle. I only saw it for a moment because I was looking through the Binoculars and it was so close. Sitting in amazement over what I had just seen I started to feel frightened cotton mouth heart racing the works it felt like I was being probed while sitting in that chair. I then calmed down and gained my composure back I said to myself no more star gazing tonight. The following night I called my sister to talk about the event we talked for hours till 9pm and I felt much better. As I hung up the phone I lo

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