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Free webcams slags LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Hookup Guide LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Hookup Guide Pages Contributors IntroductionThe LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus is a sewable electronics prototyping board that you can use to learn circuits and programming then break apart to make an interactive fabric or wearable project. In this tutorial well introduce the components that make up the ProtoSnap board and set up the free Arduino software youll need to reprogram the LilyPad USB Plus at its center. Once youve done this youll be able to write and upload your own programs to the board making it do almost anything you want. added 39.95 At the center of the ProtoSnap Plus is a LilyPad USB Plus microcontroller prewired to LilyPad pieces including a LilyPad Light Sensor LilyPad Buzzer LilyPad Button Board four pairs of colored LilyPad LEDs and a LilyPad Slide Switch. Because these components are connected together on the ProtoSnap board you can test out your project ideas before you sew. The ProtoSnap Plus also includes Expansion Ports these let you use alligator cables to easily connect external sensors and components to the board. After testing out your coding ideas using the attached LilyPad pieces you can break apart the board and sew them into your project.Required MaterialsTo reprogram and recharge the board youll need a microB USB cable. This is a common cable used by many devices so you may already have one. Double check that it is not labeled Power Only as the

Sexchat free just StarDelta Transformer Connection OverviewGeneral Electric power transformer nameplate 50 MVA Substation Power Transformer with Load Tap ChangerStarDelta Connection OverviewIn this type of transformer connection then primary is connected in star fashion while the secondary is connected in delta fashion as shown in the Figure 1 below.Figure 1 Transformer Connection StarDeltaThe voltages on primary and secondary sides can be represented on the phasor diagram as shown in the Figure 2 below.Key pointsLine voltage on Primary side 3 X Phase voltage on Primary side. SoPhase voltage on Primary side Line voltage on Primary side 3Now Transformation Ration K Secondary Phase Voltage Primary Phase VoltageSecondary Phase Voltage K X Primary Phase Voltage.As Secondary in delta connectedLine voltage on Secondary side Phase voltage on Secondary side.Secondary Phase Voltage K X Primary Phase Voltage. K X Line voltage on Primary side 3Secondary Phase Voltage K3 X Line voltage on Primary side.There is s 30 Degree or 30 Degree Phase Shift between Secondary Phase Voltage to Primary Phase VoltageAdvantages of Star Delta ConnectionThe primary side is star connected. Hence fewer numbers of turns are required. This makes the connection economical for large high voltage step down power transformers.The neutral available on the primary can be earthed to avoid distortion.The neutral point allows both types o

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