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Cam naked public chat sites virtual online sex chat croatiaComment by ravinder on December 11 2007 at 1157 amhow much gap in to be there in the dasha of boy and girl having rahu dasa.Is it 6 months or 1 year.Comment by S. ANAND on December 12 2007 at 851 amRavinderIn terms of marital matching south indian tamil and kerala atleast astrologers recommend a full year gap to avoid dasha sandhi. It does not have to be Rahu dasha specifically. Depending upon the houses owned by the planets ruling those dashas you may keep the gap to about 6 months if the affliction are not much.Comment by Krishna on December 13 2007 at 1155 amI have a doubt regarding the dasha system which is stated below and I request knowledgeable readers to clarify the same. While calculating Vimshottari Dasha Moons position at birth is considered but when giving Dasha results the house lordship of a planet as reckoned from ascendant is considered. For example for Meena Lagna Mithuna Rashi birth chart if Budha Dasha is currently running we say that it is the Dasha of the lord of 4th and 7th househouse lordship reckoned from Ascendant. Since Dasha was initially calculated based on Moon position wouldnt it more logical to consider house lordship also as reckoned from Moon that is in the above example shouldnt we say that the Dasha of 1st and 4th house lord is runningComment by S. ANAND on December 14 2007 at 422 amThe convention is to count lordship from Ascendant. It so happens that Vimshottari starts from Moon as do other nakshatra based Dasas. However when you apply other dasa systems the reckoning point may be a houserashi for eg. in Kalachakra.Of course analysis should also be pursued from the Moon in P

K9sex group By Kshitij Sharma May 6 2007One of the sources of strength of a planet is the state of exaltation or uchcha. In this state of exaltation a planet is said to get a lot strength to do good even naturally inimical planets like Saturn do not cause harm to the traits of a horoscope when in exalted state. The planet gives lot of beneficial results when it is a ruler of a good house but on the other hand it does not do a lot of harm even if it is a lord of a difficult house like the 8th or 12th.In the seventh sign from the uchcha the planet is devoid of all the strength also known the state of debilitation i.e. neecha. The planet becomes weak and can also cause hindrances. However loss of strength is not the important point here the loss of dignity is. That is why our learned gurus chose the word neecha for such a state. They did not use the word ashakta which is really the Sanskrit word for powerless.There was a brief discussion in one of the posts about Neechabhanga and some very interesting points were raised. I would like to summarize it for the benefit of readers and also add my comments. There are some conditions under which there is a cancellation bhang of debility neecha of the planets that are in neecha state. Under these following conditions the position of planet from Moon or lagna is important and is automatically implied unless stated otherwise